The Role of the IT Department in RIC within the organization is to design, maintain, and support an organization’s information technology infrastructure, thus allowing the organization to leverage both information and technology in an
efficient, productive and secure manner. Along with meeting the organization’s technical requirements. Some major functions of RIC ICT Department;

Network Development: Effective communication and collaboration between teams and departments within the organization. And it falls upon the IT department to deploy and operate Internet Protocol networks and advanced communication tools to meet the company’s needs. The IT team is also responsible for developing solutions that grant secure access to the corporate network to customers and other necessary outside parties.

Data Supervision: Data-driven marketing strategies within the RIC rely upon the IT department to provide the means for capturing, storing, managing, analyzing and distributing data to business users that depend upon up-to-date information to make strategic decisions. Along with storing information such as microcredit data, financial records securely in the data center, IT teams are also tasked with implementing big data analytics platforms to store, manage and process massive volumes of raw customer data for hidden insights that can inform better decision making and create competitive advantage.

raining and Support: IT team to provide ongoing training and support to make sure that both management and employees remain up to speed with the latest tools and technologies. Hardware trouble shooting support also provided to the root and central level.

Email: it@ric-bd.org
Rajib Hossain, Senior Officer (IT): r.rajib34@ricb-bd.org
Jahirul Haque: jahir@ric-bd.org