Programme Year Objectives Location Fund & Implementation
Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas (LIFT) 2015 Developing standard of living of the older people trough providing healthcare, elder friendly IGA, support materials for daily living and raising social awareness. Arial-Baligaon Union, Tongibari, Munshigonj. PKSF
OP Welfare Programme  2010- Eye care, warm cloth distribution, food security for the older people. RIC’s microcredit programme areas (22 Districts) Employee, local and foreign philanthropist, microcredit profit, CSR
Facilitated Social and Health Services for Vulnerable Older People in Bangladesh 2014- Social and Health Services for the OP Gazipur, Narshingdhi, Cox’s Bazar, Pirojpur, Rangpur Sustainable Finance Department (formerly Green Banking & CSR), Bangladesh Bank
Promoting Older People’s Participation in Development in Rural Bangladesh  2009-13 Raising the voice of OP through rural CBO, ensure transparency in social support system, better preparedness in DRR, promoting better health services. Gazipur, Rangpur, Cox’s Bazar European Union, HelpAge International, RIC.
Coordinated Assistance for Older Women in Bangladesh 2009-10 Older Women empowerment socially and economically Gazipur, Narshingdhi HelpAge, Germany
Realizing the Rights of the Older People-RROP 2006-09 Developing a meaningful partnership with local authorities to ensure inclusive engagement of OP for their support services and entitlement. Dhaka, Gazipur, Narshingdhi, Munshigonj, Pirojpur, Cox’s Bazar Irish Aid
Older Citizens Monitoring Programme – OCMP 2002-05 To facilitate the interaction of older people, civil society and government engage in dialogue, which will lead to the achievement of effective policies and programme of demonstrable benefit to underprivileged OP.  Poverty alleviation was included. Gazipur, Pirojpur Madrid International Plan of Action (MIPA)
OP’s Rehabilitation, 2nd Phase 1994-2000 Rehabilitation, housing, WATSAN, Fiscal Grant, Sponsorships (SAG/AAG) Narshingdhi, Cox’s Bazar (Moheshkali), Pirojpur, RIC, HelpAge International
Community Based Rehabilitation  1991 Rehabilitation, Housing, health, socialization, social protection etc. Narshingdhi, Cox’s Bazar (Moheshkali), Pirojpur, Noakhali (Hatia) RIC, HelpAge International, Oxfam USA
IGA for OP 1989 Facilitation for older people for their livelihood, introduce social pension Jeenardi, Narsingdhi RIC