Promoting Older people’s Participation in Rural Development in Bangladesh (POPP):

With an aim to empower village-based civil society organisations led by older people to engage with local authorities for more effective, transparent, and inclusive local services addressing their poverty and health RIC has been implementing the project since 2009 with the financial support from European Union under the partnership with Help-Age International. The project is implemented in Gangachara is one of the manga prone upazila of Rangpur district and in Moheshkhali, is the remotest coastal island.
To achieve the objective the project is supporting older people’s greater participation in community’s economic, social and political life through establishing and strengthening their own organizations. The project is also contributing to the capacity building of the older people as a result, they would be capa-ble of effectively negotiating with the local authorities to better access poverty reduction and health care facilities. The project is also to address older people’s vulnerability to natural disasters the project is preparing older people and sensitizing community and is ensuring older people’s meaningful inclusion in the local disaster management committees. The project is also enhancing capacities of older people for advocating and lobbing with national policy makers for more inclusive entitlements