Governing Body

The General Body of RIC is comprised of 25 members and constitutes the highest authority of the organization. These general body members meet at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to review and approve the annual plan, budget, annual report, and audit report. The AGM also elects seven members Executive Committee (EC) for two years term.

List of Governing Body Members for the period 2015-2017

Name Professional Affiliation (organization,
 Kazi Rozana Akhter Ms. Kazi Rozana Akhter Chairperson
 Tofazzel Hossain Mr. Tofazzel Hossain Vice-Chairperson
 Abul Haseeb Khan Mr. Abul Haseeb Khan Member Secretary
 Mahbubur Rahman Mr. Mahbubur Rahman Treasurer
 M. A. Mubin Chowdhury Mr. M. A. Mubin Chowdhury Member
 Shakawat Hossain Mr. Shakawat Hossain Member
Sabrina Haque Ms. Sabrina Haque Member