Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of the poor households (ENRICH): This is an integrated approach to encounter the multidimensional aspects of poverty. Community-based developments with local resources and infrastructures with the involvement of local people and administration are the key to implementing the project.

Beneficiaries receiving health services
Beneficiaries receiving health services

ENRICH includes healthcare, education, training, formation of social capital, employment generation within the communities both in agro-based and non-agricultural enterprises, jobs for the youth, infrastructural development, training on inexpensive and modern home appliances, special savings programme, special projects for the ultra-poor, disabled and elderly persons, demand-driven microcredit and community-based programmes. The poor is being particularly facilitated to actively take part in the development process.

RIC has been implementing the program in one Upazila of Munshigonj district and is

Learning Center
Learning Center

providing health care support and educational support to the poorest community of the area. This program is now implementing at Arial-Baligaon Union of Tongibari Upazila in Munshigonj District. PKSF is a support to this program for implementing. 105 Members of this project are running different types IGA (Income Generating Activities). Member’s Savings outstanding is 967,971 and Credit Outstanding 4,692,633 BDT.

At a Glance of this Project:

Activities Events/Item Number
Education No. of Learning Centre 40 Nos.
No. of Teacher 40 Persons
No. of Students 1005 Persons
Rate of Attendance 85%
Health No. Satellite Clinics 181 Nos.
No. of Patients receives services from satellite clinics 4485 Persons
No. of Static Clinics 502 Nos.
No. of Patients receives services from static clinics 2506 Nos.
Health Campaign 771 Nos.
No. of Health Camp 7 Nos.
No. of Patients receives services from Health Camp 991 Persons
Special Eye Camp 2 Nos.
No. of Patients receives services from Special Eye Camp 420 Persons
Cataract Operations 34 Persons
Nutrition Iron Tablet Distribution 485 Persons
Nutrient Tablet Distribution 336 Persons
Anthelmintic Tablet Distribution 7882 Persons

Source: Annual Report, 2015-16