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Resource Integration Centre (RIC) started with relief, rehabilitation and financial assitance program for rural woman after being established as a non-government organization in 1981, long back 24 years by some distinguished social worker to support the national development efforts. RIC’s focus was on the rural poor specially the woman. RIC has advanced through learning by doing, adjusting its strategy to prevailing circumstances.


In progress RIC diverse its activities in almost all major part of development sector, hundreds of employees, volunteers are involved in and support development assistance activities from the isolated islands to the heart of the capital city among them ethnic groups, minority groups, children and older community are mention worthy.

Executive Committee Member

List of board members for the period 2014-2015

Name Designation
Kazi Rozana Akhter Chairman
Suvas Chandra Saha Vice-Chairman
Abul Haseeb Khan Member Sectretary
Abdul Kader Hawlader Treasurer
Nurjahan Khan Executive Member
SNHM Sakhawat Hosen Executive Member
Nasrin Haque Executive Member


Name Profession Function Country of Nationality On the board since
Mr.Mahbubur Rahman
Social Worker The President shall be the Head of the society. He/he shall preside over all formal meetings, issue statements on policy matters on behalf of the society and lead all deputation’s and delegations. S/he shall address the General Meetings and shall performsuch other duties, as may be incidental to the office of the President. S/he may, with the consent of a majority of the members, invite any person or persons for any meeting of the EC Bangladesh 2004
Ms. Afroza Haque Rina
Vice- President
Business If at any time the President is away from the country or has notified his/her inability to act as such, a Vice President shall act in his/her place and in the absence of both, He/she may delegate powers to any other functionary of the EC. Bangladesh 2004
Mr Subash Chandra Shaha
Journalist Treasurer shall be responsible for all treasury functions of the Society. He/she shall inform time to time to the EC regarding financial situation of the Society. He/she shall be responsible to present Audit Report/Financial Report in the Annual General Meeting for the adoption by the members. Bangladesh 2007
Mr. Abul Haseeb Khan
Member Secratary
Social Worker Member Secratary shall act as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Society. Subject to the supervision and control of the EC, the CEO shall have the following duties and responsibilities:-
a.To carry on and have charge of all correspondence of the organization.
b.To keep and maintain the accounts and the funds connected with or in any way controlled by the organization.
c.To keep and maintain accurate minutes of all meetings.
d.To have charge of all papers and documents, furniture and all other properties, movable and immovable.
e.To issue and serve notice of all meetings.
f.To notify Members of impending elections and the results of the elections.
g.To demand and collect all dues from Members wherever applicable.
h.To prepare the Annual Report and Reports of all Committees.
i.To delegate any of his/her function to any subordinate officers with prior approval of the EC provided that He/she shall remain responsible for all acts done on her/his behalf by such officers.
jTo maintain administrative and disciplinary control over all staff in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.
k.To do and perform all acts and deeds that s/he may expressly be required to do by the EC and generally perform such other duties as are incidental to his/her office.
Bangladesh 1986
Mr. Tofazzel Hossain
Researcher The affairs of the society shall be managed by an Executive Council (EC), which shall have the responsibility to determine the direction and scope of the activities of the society as well as to approve major projects and supplementary budgets subject to ratification in the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Council shall exercise financial control of the society’s well as to approve the appointment of the CEO and other Sr. Officer of the society. Bangladesh 2004
Ms. Shrin Akhter
Researcher Same as above Bangladesh 2004
Ms. Nurjahan Begam
Social worker Same as above Bangladesh 2004
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